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Periscope : The Best Way for Live Video Streaming

As you may already know, Periscope is a live video streaming app created by Twitter. It is available on the Android and iOS platform. This application lets you broadcast your videos live using your mobile phone no matter the time and place. You can also watch the live broadcast from the people from all over the world on your mobile using this app. Periscope already boasts of millions of daily subscribers and the number is only growing.

Periscope offers different privacy settings. If you want, you can make the video public and available to everyone, whether or not they are connected to you. You can also make the video broadcast private and only certain people, such as your family or friends will be able to see it.


The live broadcast does not remain on the app server forever. Once the broadcast is finished the video is deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Earlier, you could only log in using your Twitter credentials. However, the application has been updated and now you can login with your Facebook profile or your phone number. This way Periscope has made itself accessible to more people.

How to use Periscope

The very first thing you need to do is download the application on your mobile phone or tablet. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As already mentioned, you can use your phone number or Facebook account to login. However, would recommend using Twitter login as the app is now native to this social media platform.

Once you are logged a prompt will ask you if you wish to receive notifications for the live streams of other people. The app also allows you to share the videos on different social media platforms.

Using the app is very easy. The interface of Periscope is very intuitive. In order to start your own live video stream, you simply need to enable the camera of the phone, turn the microphone on (if it is off), and also enable your location. If you would like to download Periscope app for PC, then you must get an Android Emulator first.

It would be a good idea to give a catchy title to your video as it will help you get more viewers.

Top 4 Trending video calling Apps for Mobiles and PC

Want to make an international call but worried about the international calling charges? Yes, it is true; long distance calls to international destinations using your mobile minutes could cost you a fortune. The good news is that it is not always the case.

The smartphone technology has evolved and at the same time, data services have also enhanced over the years. Not only do we have reliable Wi-Fi broadband connections, we also have high-speed 4G mobile networks. All of this together makes sure that we stay connected with anyone we want to in any corner of the world without pinching a hole in the pocket. We can make video and voice calls over the internet for almost no charge at all (except if there are any data charges for your internet usage).


What we need is a good app to make these calls. There are many video and voice calling apps out there and they are all free. Let’s take a look at some of them.

#1 FaceTime


It will not be an overstatement to say that FaceTime is the most coveted video calling app there is. Designed by Apple, this app allows you to make high-quality video calls to the other FaceTime users. For voice calls, there is another version of the app called FaceTime Audio. Both these apps are available only on the iOS and OSX devices.

#2 Google Duo

 google duo

Google Duo is a pretty new app but it has already become the talk of the town. Google already had Hangout but it has launched a separate app for video and voice calling. Duo offers a very nice interface and high quality calling.

#3 Messenger


Messenger is the Facebook app. You can make video and voice calls using this app to your friends on Facebook. It is built-in to Facebook for computers and you can access it through your browser. For mobile devices, there is a separate app that allows you to make voice and video calls and also send text messages to users on Facebook.

#4 Skype


Skype is the pioneer of video calling over the internet technology. It is one of the most widely used and trending apps of all times.

Run SHAREit On Windows PC- How To Guide

A few years ago, when the smartphones were there, but they did not feature the hotspot feature. At that time, sharing the files between two devices was extremely difficult, especially when we had to share the large files. Bluetooth was one way to do it wirelessly but it was frustratingly slow. You could use the USB cable but it was a long drawn process.

Then there came the SHAREit app which changed everything. It has become the most used file sharing app for mobile phones. But what we know little is that it can also be used on the Windows PC. Here are a few things you will want to know more.


  • Share it uses the Wi-Fi connectivity on your computer to establish the connection. However, what you would love is the fact that it does not use your broadband data. As long as the two devices to be connected are within the close range you will be able to share the files with extreme ease and that too wirelessly.
  • If you had to share the files between two computers you had to use the USB stick. You had to copy the files from one computer onto the USB drive and then paste it on the other computer. But now you can transfer wirelessly if they computers are close to each other.
  • Establishing the wireless connectivity between a smartphone and a computer was never easy. However, this app can do that with such simplicity. You just need this app on your computer as well as the smartphone you are using. You can transfer the files of your choice with tremendous ease.
  • It offers high speed transfer especially when you compare it to Bluetooth. A file as big as 2GB in size would not take more than a few minutes to transfer. Isn’t this incredible?

Downloading and Installing


This app is offered by Lenovo and so you need to go to their website to download and install. The process is pretty easy. Just click the following link, download the EXE file and then open it to start the installation:

Facetime for Windows Phone, Blackberry and iPhone- installation guide.

Facetime is an internet based video calling app developed by apple. It uses a wifi internet connection or even a cellular 3G connection, it allows you to place calls for free anywhere around the world, to any other facetime user. With HD video quality and clear, noise free audio it is easily the best video calling app on the market. It is also virtually free of charge and very easy to use. Although designed for iphones, ipadand mac, devices running on ios, there is a version available to android users, and the app can with some tweaking be used on most other devices as well. In this post we shall see the installation guide for iphone, blackberry and windows phones. Before we proceed further let me clear you all that this procedure to download Facetime for PC windows or for Blackberry is not intended by the developers, hence we do not authenticate the process and it is truly based on practical experience and internal sources.


Facetime although fairly new in the market is gaining fast popularity due to a few of its features. Along with HD video quality and amazing audio, it allows you to mute a call if you need ever need to do keep your conversation with whoever happens by a secret but do not wish to cut the call. It lets you block calls if you are not in a mood to talk. It is user friendly and very easy to use.

Facetime installation for iPhone

This is definitely the easiest installation since, the app Facetime is made for iphones and there can be no doubt regarding its compatibility with the same. So all you need to do is follow the 3 steps given bellow.

  • First of all go to the app store provided by apple.
  • Search for Facetime
  • Install it and set it up using the apple ID and password.
  • Enjoy video calling.


Facetime installation for Blackberry and Windows phone.

Facetime being an apple device is not easily available to download and use on a blackberry phone but it is still fairly easy. Today when everyone wants to be able to run every app, to keep the users happy most telecommunication companies have launched emulators and app players that mimic a different os allowing the user to use apps that are not traditionally meant for the device.


Blackberry smartphones can run IOS apps like facetime using IOS App Player.

  • Download IOS App Player, the one available on blackberry world is Reebee.
  • Download the facetime app, for free from either it’s official site using a browser or from some other site like softonic.
  • Once downloaded, run the app, in conjunction with the IOS App player.


Windows phone

The facetime can actually be run in both windows phone as well as pc. There is a rumor about that the windows 10 developers are going to help the IOS developers to bring their apps to windows 10, converted to a format more compatible to the windows phones. For now, one can use the apps like facetime simply with the use of an android emulator, since android version of the app is available in the market. Once an emulator is downloaded, just download and install the facetime app and run it along with the emulator.


Trending Video Editing Applications

Smartphones are “Smart” partially because it allows you to click, edit and modify pictures and videos.  In fact more sophisticated phones are able to do a better job of the media related items.  The latest ones are able to Mix, Edit and even add titles and add sounds in them.  These functions are aided by some of the latest Applications available for download.  Most of these items are either totally free or have very reasonable charges.  Here are some of common video editing applications available today:


iMovie:  This is an iOS Application and is suppose to be cut above the rest.  iMovie allows you to splice videos easily in addition to the voiceover, Adding Titles and mixing photos available from different sources.

Also Read: Download iMovie for PC


PowerDirector:  This Application is Android’s answer to Apple’s iMovie.  Almost all iMovie features are available on this Editor.  It allows trimming, mixing, title addition and host of other features.


Pinnacle Studio ProThis is iOS Application suitable for those who have used iMovie and now want to move to some complicated editing tasks.  This Editor allows you to control speed, Pan& Zoom and Voice controls. This is very impressive app and works finely like iMovie.


Kinemaster: This is a very powerful media editor on the Android platform.  This editor can be used on smaller Smartphones. The buttons are arranged very logically on the screen taking lesser space.


Movie Edit Touch:  If you have Windows powered phone you need not worry, you can enjoy almost similar features that of iMovie Application using Movie Edit Touch.  This free Application can mix, add title and sound and help you making a clip with seamless transitions.


Apart from these Power Editors if you are casual user you can look at Vine, Instagram, You Tube Capture, Vyclone, Splice or ReelDirector to play around with your videos.  These Applications are really cool for those who do it just for fun.

Best alternative of Skype – Tango

Tango for PC provides video calls available through Internet between PC users and owners of an iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablet PC. Similar to Skype users in 2016 Tango users can also make free video chat on smartphones, tablets or Windows computers.

Tango for PC Download as an alternative to Skype

The entry is simple. After Tango for PC download, the user enters in the login screen a phone number and contact information such as name and email address. In the next step you add the freeware connection information from friends and acquaintances added. An authentication of password and username is not required. Now the video chat comes, both parties must have the Messenger installed on their computer or iPhone , iPad , Tablet PC or smart phone .


Tango for PC provides navigation and control elements in the iPhone design

Send e-mail or SMS which can also be embedded in the program, make friends and colleagues using Tango app. If we go by design, Tango works better on Smartphone versions. Navigation and control elements are all in original iPhone style. This has the advantage that tango surface on Windows PC makes a much leaner and more modern impression compared to Skype. The traffic of the Messengers is transmitted via the Internet or via a data network such as 3G , 4G or via WiFi between two participants .

There are no additional telephone charges

For mobile users enough a simple flat rate Internet or WiFi connection to cover all connection costs. There are no additional telephone charges. With waning Internet connection can be the bandwidth off -eating video function and carry out simple telephone calls.


Streaming service Spotify is in Tango for PC on board

The Messenger is active not only as a service for short messages and video calls, but also has several interesting extras such as sharing photos and access to games and music on board. The music channels run it through the streaming service Spottily. Music lovers can use the Tango for PC Download, discover new music and share with their friends. Video calls and messages are provided on request with funny animations.

Useful alternative to Skype

Tango for PC features a simple user interface and cross-platform video chat between PC, Mac iOS and Android. The freeware can be used as a viable alternative to Skype in 2016 to make free video calls between PCs, iPhones and Android phones. When using the mobile Internet is a flat rate strongly recommended, as extended conversations can cause large amount of data and thus potentially high costs.



  • Easy handling
  • Cross-platform video chat
  • Free video calls
  • Video function disabling
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android


  • Only available in English
  • High data volume in mobile Internet

Top Photo Editing Apps for iOS & Android

We all know pictures we upload on social media remains there forever, no matter you have deleted your pictures they still remains in some database somewhere, therefore you always want to look best of you. Though some social media sites like Instagram has in-built photo editing features, but still you need other specific photo editing apps to give your pictures a final touch before sharing it online. Therefore we have come up with top 5 photo editing apps for your Android, iOS and Windows phone which come for zero prices.

  1. Pic Stich

For making a collage of your best pictures Pic Stich is just the best app you should download for free. All you need to do is to open the app and select the template and border of your choice and you are all done with. You can insert your horizontal or vertical photos in the template without cropping them. You can do the basic editing as well before sharing the final collage with your friends on Facebook or Instagram wherever you like it.


Download for Apple.

Download Android.


  • You can drag your pictures to best fit into the template (boxes)
  • You can amalgamate any kind of picture in the boxes
  • User friendly app for all ages


  • Difficult to navigate
  • Photo editing feature only limited to filters selection
  • Only rectangle and square boxes to fit your pictures into
  1. PicsArt

PicsArt is just the right app for you when it comes to real time editing of pictures, you can edit the picture captured immediately using the real time filters best suitable for the moment in particular. You can also crop your photos and make a collage out of it using different borders and templates, apart from that you can also write something on it as well as draw something on it using its paint brush tool.


Download for Apple.

Download Android.


  • Filters are for ordinary apps, PicsArt comes with real-time filters for real time editing of picture as per the moment.
  • Just like PhotoShop, PicsArt comes with drawing suite also
  • You can doodle your picture by drawing on your picture


  • This app comes with ads also, just at the bottom with banner sized ads
  • Difficult to undo the editing
  • Only comes with filters as an editing tool
  1. Snapseed

Best of the lot, Snapseed is far better as an editing app in comparison to most of the editing apps available for free. Tweak it, crop it, brush it, rotate it and also fix spots in it, YES we are talking about your photos referring to “it”. Choose your picture from the camera roll and start editing on a go, the app keeps a record  of your edited pictures and you can always come back later to start editing your previously edited picture once again.


Download for Apple.

Download for Android.


  • Rotate your photos as you like it
  • Crop your pic by simply dragging the crop box
  • Snapseed brightens up your photos in case it has been taken in low light
  • Snapseed for PC can be downloaded via Android Emulator


  • Main features have been removed in the latest update
  • You will find it difficult to transfer edited pictures to your phone
  • Black and white filter are not available in Snapseed
  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is not just an app, it’s a world in its own particularly made for professional and serious photographers who do not only edit pictures but also compare it with the others. Apart from being an editor this app also comprises collection of photos taken by other photographers. You can go to its journal and read other peoples blog. You can also join community of other people or create a one of your own where you can upload your pictures.


Download for Apple.

Download for Android.


  • Community of its own
  • Direct upload to social media sites
  • Numerous editing tools


  • Not so user friendly- complex in nature
  • Journal section hard to navigate
  • Sign in- and then use
  1. Studio Design

Studio Design is for those people who likes to go some extra mile in editing pictures, to be precise if you want to add graphics, textures and words to your picture then this app is just perfect for you, just like VSCO Cam this app also comes with community and journal features where you can see other peoples pictures and share your thoughts with them in the form of blogs.


Download for Apple.

Download for Android.


  • A world of graphics to select and implement
  • Share your pictures directly to social media
  • Community feature for those who likes to communicate


  • Log in and then use
  • Probability of crashing when trying too many layers at a time
  • Some features are paid